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    This agreement is between you, the Prospect, and us, the Company, W Graphics and Designs, LLC

    - Under no circumstances shall you disclose the information and inner workings of this Trial Referral Program to anyone, including the commissions, bonus, and earnings structures, the documents revealed or provided to you, the length of the program, and the Terms and Conditions of this program, as contained on the next page.
    - Should you decide not to join this Trial Referral Program after reading through the information on the next page (Terms and Conditions), you agree that, for a period of 12 months following the moment you communicate your decision not to join this Trial Referral Program, you, the Prospect, will not attempt to establish a similar or identical program based on referrals, rewards, earnings, or the like.
    - You, the Prospect, are also obligated not to disclose information regarding the structure or inner workings of this referral system and/or Trial Referral Program with anyone, at any time, indefinitely, apart from that information which is made public knowledge by the Company, only after it has been made public knowledge by the Company.

    - Should you decide to move forward with this Trial Referral Program, and become a Referrer, your signature will be attached to a document containing the Terms and Conditions of this Trial Referral Program (as seen on the next page), as further authorization of your acceptance and agreement. These Terms and Conditions, along with your completed registration form, will serve as a binding Contract, which you may terminate at any time.

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