Custom Logo Design

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Details: Each logo design includes 3 proofs (or 2 revisions). The first proof includes 2 to 3 distinct design concepts to be reviewed

Deliverable File Formats: PNG, JPEG, EPS, PDF, AI, & SVG +
PDF Logo Format Guide

Color Formats: Full color (light logo for use on dark backgrounds and dark logo for use on light backgrounds) + Monotone Colors (all black and all white) + Up to two additional color formats (by request)

Initial Delivery: 7 – 14 days

To provide additional details for this project, please book a Graphic Design Intake Session after purchasing this service, or complete our Logo Questionnaire form, which you will find on your Account Dashboard after completing checkout.

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Brand Guidelines
Complete document outlining usage rules for your company’s visual identity, including logo usage guidelines, color palette, typography guidelines, iconography, do’s and don’ts, and brand book design
Brand Stylesheet (Brand Sheet)
Single page summarizing design elements of your company’s visual identity
Submark Design
Smaller, simplified version of your company’s main logo
Logo Pack w/ Submark Design
Collection of resized logos for various platforms and usage, including a submark or iconmark design, a vertical and horizontal variation of your logo, and wordmarks