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Your Website is a 24-hour Billboard for your Business

From building credibility with customers to capturing leads and web visitors, your website is meant to WOW its viewers and should be an accurate representation of your company. Even more than that, it should be a powerful money making machine that brings you leads and new customers.


  • Improve Brand Credibility
    Build Consumer Confidence
    Control Brand Perception
    Capture Leads & Get Clients
    Gain A Competitive Advantage

6 Proven Benefits of Having a Professional Website

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24/7 Availability

Having a website provides your consumers with around-the-clock availability in terms of access to products, information, and controlled content, allowing you to reach customers and make money in your sleep!

Profitable Advertising

Online advertisement is cost-effective compared to print advertisement. Once your site is up and running, the cost to maintain it is very low, making it one of the best and most profitable forms of advertising.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Having your own website allows you to use effective analytics tools to monitor your site visitors’ behavior and preferences, and then use the data to improve marketing and customer experiences.

Valuable Feedback

Being able to monitor and control customer feedback through contact forms, comment, and review sections on your website will help your business’s accountability and maintain a credible image.

Cater to Niche Markets

With a business website, even small and mid-sized businesses have the opportunity to cater to the needs of niche markets. A strategically planned website can effectively attract the targeted audience you seek.

Level the Playing Field

Chances are, your competitors have a website and they’re using it to their fullest advantage. A website gives small businesses the chance to brand themselves however they wish and directly compete with even large corporations for customers.

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Why Trust  WGAD With Your Site? 

Our Prices Prove We Care

Our website packages have been designed specifically with startups, freelancers, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and small-to-mid-sized businesses in mind.

Latest, Fastest, Technology

We’ll build your website on the latest and greatest platform for faster load times and a better user experience.​

Modern & Responsive Design

Using industry best practices and the latest trends and techniques, we’ll make sure your website displays beautifully on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Dedicated Project Manager

We take your ideas seriously. You’ll work directly with your Project Manager to guide him/her through the design and layout of your website, until you’re fully satisfied.

We Build to Convert

Your website will be built with one thing in mind: turning your clicks into contacts and new customers.

Security is Key

We ensure your website, content, and transactions are fully protected using secure practices, PCI-compliant third party payment gateways (Stripe, Google Pay, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Wave, and Cash App), and SSL/TLS (HTTPS) encryption.

Affordable & Effective Websites that Convert

WordPress Website Design & Development

Not sure which plan is yours or have something more custom in mind? Take advantage of our free consultations and confirm your social media plan before proceeding.

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